How digital marketing is important for the realtors?

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How digital marketing is important for the realtors?

How digital marketing is important for the realtors?

India is going through a big problem right now. Almost every industry is facing huge losses due to coronavirus. The situation can get even worse in the coming days for the citizens as well as the market. It’s a hard time for every entrepreneur, but some of the industries were not performing well even before the coronavirus even existed. One of those industries is the real estate industry of India. 

Real estate is nowhere near the great success it had at the starting of this century to 2007. Real estate is going through a rough phase because of many different reasons. There are many reasons including corruption, economic slowdown, different government steps, etc. that led to this downfall of this sector. The increasing financial cost and reach to the right buyers are some of the major reasons for the downfall of this industry.

Owners are having a hard time finding different ways to sell their properties. The property owners and the agents are not able to reach the right buyers for their property, leading to them selling the properties at a low price. There are many properties out there that are not getting sold.

The years from 2015 to 2019 were full of ups and downs for the real estate industry, and we are not sure what 2020 has in store for this industry. Will it be able to bounce back in 2020?

We don’t know about this, and neither many of these factors can be controlled, but something can make an impact and bring about a revolution to your real estate business in this difficult situation. Digital Marketing, yes, digital marketing can be a big hand for help in these critical situations and can boom your business.

Do you know, 92 percent of the potential buyers search about the type of properties they need, online before going for offline purchase. One of the industries that are getting benefitted by digital marketing methods is the real estate business. Any improvement that is seen in this industry is because of the adoption of digital marketing for properties sales. 

Let’s see how digital marketing can help you boom your property sales.


  1.   Social Media Marketing


Do you know that Facebook and Linkedin are getting popular social media platforms for realtors? Seventy-one percent of the realtors are using Linkedin, and 80 percent are using Facebook, which shows how effectively these social media platforms are working for them.


 There are many more opportunities on the other social media platforms like Pinterest, Twitter, and Youtube as the percentage realtors using these platforms is less than 30 percent. Realtors can make good use of all these social media platforms for generating traffic, visibility, and leads.


  1.   Search Engine Results


Search engines play a major role in making good property sales for any realtor. According to LYFE Marketing, 75 percent of the people who find local information relevant and helpful are more likely to visit the physical store or office related to their particular search requirements. Getting the website on the top pages through good SEO strategy makes the visibility increase a lot in the market and eventually leading to higher property sales for realtors.  


  1.   Online Advertising 


What is better than advertising in newspapers and television and incurring high advertising costs? Advertising in the digital world is much better than using traditional advertising methods. Advertising online has many benefits than cons points. Around 55 percent of the advertising time on tv doesn’t even get the attention.   According to John Krekorian, the highest number of buyers that are 51 percent of the total buyers found their home on the Internet. 


Online advertising is budget-friendly, and it will only target the relevant buyers, therefore increasing the accuracy to target the right buyer. Online advertising helps you to take advantage of different occasions and also stops wastage of advertising costs.


  1.   Blogging and Content Marketing


Well, it might seem like the content and blogging is not so crucial in the real estate industry, but it has much more relevance than you think it has. According to Fronetics real estate, companies who blog receive 97 percent more links to their website, resulting in increased traffic. Websites with blogs tend to have 434 percent more indexed pages. 


Even while posting content, using images increases views by 94 percent. Giving relevant and useful information through content helps in increasing leads for your property sales.


  1.     Email Marketing


Want to reach out to many relevant buyers without paying for ads? Email Marketing is the best option for reaching buyers. Although the conversion rate and leads from Email Campaigns are less, it is still an effective way to reach out to the relevant buyers professionally. 


According to Benchmark Emails, around 63 percent of the total realtors engage in Email Campaigns. Email Marketing needs the realtors to create a bond with buyers in different ways so that the emails don’t go to spams. This way, the realtors will be able to communicate and advertise all their offers to the buyers. There are different tools techniques to perform the Email Marketing process effectively.


  1.   Video Marketing   


Video Marketing is said to be the most valuable and type of marketing of any business. Videos are more appealing to the audience. This is the only reason for the success of platforms like Youtube, Tik-Tok, etc. Whether it is about social media marketing or online advertising, videos help to attract much more audience than it will typically will. Many statistics prove that video marketing is the best way to attract more and more buyers. 


According to Biteable, Videos attract 300 percent more traffic for getting good leads. Seventy percent of the potential buyers prefer to watch video house tours before buying them. Many of the sellers are already using video marketing for different campaigns. New ways are getting introduced like drone videos, 360 videos, etc. and getting popular among attracting the buyers. 


It is clear how digital marketing is making an impact on the real estate industry. So it is important to adopt digital marketing for the real estate business instead of getting stuck on traditional methods.


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